December 30, 2015

"My dream seemed too far-fetched...But my desire lived on." - Marjz, PT #WelcomeWednesday

“To be a successful Physical Therapist in the US" -  this was what I kept on my mind after getting my bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in April of 2001. Still my dream seemed too far-fetched, knowing my age and how long it has been since I got my Philippine license. But my desire lived on.As year 2012 begun, my gut feeling told me: “Why not try to surf the web and find a job that I truly loved?” I patiently searched and read a vast amount of job vacancies until I came across a certain post about an immediate PT hiring for Health Carousel (parent company of PassportUSA). I immediately called the office and the personnel who answered was gracious enough to entertain all my queries.It then led to contract signing and drafting my timetable. PassportUSA and I worked hand-in-hand strategically and professionally. Thankfully, because of their expertise on the process, my application went smoothly --- from credentialing to TOEFL to NPTE testing up to those nerve-wracking embassy interviews.As I depart my home country and start my journey as a PT in the US, my experience in this process is proof that everything comes in God’s perfect timing.  To all the staff of Health Carousel's PassportUSA, my sincerest and deepest gratitude for making my dream into a reality. More power and God bless!~MARJZCANDIDATE NAME: MARJZLOCATION: TEXASDEPLOYMENT DATE: JANUARY 4, 2016

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