June 22, 2018

2 Tips to Alleviate Foot and Leg Fatigue

Ask any nurse who has been on the job for a while and they will tell you just how physically demanding it is. Taking care of your own body and your health is so important when you're a healthcare worker, since you rely on your skills and strength to help patients each and every day. Nothing is more important to move swiftly from one patient or procedure to the next than your feet and legs. Here are some tips to keep your legs and feet happy and healthy.


For working medical professionals who are on their feet for 8-12 hours, proper footwear does more than just protect your feet. With long shifts spent almost entirely on your feet, it is critical to find the right shoe to protect and support your feet, ankles, and hips. The right footwear can also reduce back strain, alleviate pain, and provide an extra layer of safety on the floor.Check out these links for the top women's and men's nursing shoes to get comfortable and stay safe on the job.


It is also important to find the right socks. Compression stockings have been proven to reduce swelling and slow the progress of varicose veins.Some benefits of compression stockings are:

  • They don't roll down your legs
  • They have anti-microbial material so they won't smell
  • They increase blood circulation
  • They are breathable and durable

They vary in length and compression strength. The compression strength is measured in mmHg or millimeter of mercury. The higher the number the tighter it is. Light compression (less than 15 mmHg) can help with mild fatigue. Moderate compression (15-20 mmHg) can help with airplane rides and minor leg swelling.The right fit should feel snug but not painfully tight. You should wear them fully extended and not roll down the tops of the stockings.Check out these links for the best women's and men's compression stockings.

So there you have it. By choosing the right shoes and wearing compression socks or stockings, you can make your 12-hour shifts more comfortable. Both you and your patients will appreciate your newfound fleetness of foot!Be sure to check out more great articles in the Employee Education Center to help you succeed in your U.S. healthcare career.

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