April 1, 2015

Anna Marie - RN

From:Â PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: APRILÂ 2015Occupation:Â RNDestination:Â TXTestimonial:Â My American dream is to build an exceptional career in a globally competitive, safe and steady work environment. Having my dream career is important to me because it will make my life more convenient and will help me stay responsible. Struggles came along the way and holding on to this dream was close to impossible when I was abandoned by my previous employer. I was very upset and hopeless until one of my friends referred me to Passport USA/Health carousel. The staff are all friendly and accommodating in answering queries that one may have in mind. They are all equipped with the knowledge and expertise in guiding each candidate with employment and immigration issues. In less than a year they were able to help me recapture my priority date, file my DS 260 and guide me with the embassy Interview and gave me an opportunity to work in one of the recognized hospitals in Texas. The pursuit of the American Dream is sought after by many and PassportUSA / Health Carousel has given me a chance to make this dream a reality.

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