November 8, 2019

April 2017 Allied #EmployeeOfTheMonth - Maria

We are hereby proud to announce, that the winner of April 2017's Allied Employee of the Month contest is Maria G! Congratulations to Maria. She will enjoy a spotlight on our Facebook page and website. She will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights and a gift!Biography:Maria is a physical therapist who has been with PassportUSA for more than a year. Maria's husband is also working for PassportUSA as a physical therapist and together they make up a dynamic team. Maria's facility states that she is a wonderful team player and she is professional, thorough, and well skilled!When we asked Maria what she considered to be her favorite part of working for PassportUSA, she stated:

First of all, I do believe that struggles and difficulties are inevitable when you're starting a new life especially in a foreign land. But if you have a company like Health Carousel that treats you like a family that helps, guides and teaches you to be successful, everything will be a breeze. From processing of papers, preparing for the NPTE, and landing your American dream, Health Carousel has always been there and made everything possible.� Aside from that, it is truly a blessing to belong to my facility- they give you the opportunity to learn and grow not only professionally, but as a person as well.�I am really thankful to God that after all the searching I did for the right agency, I ended up working with Health Carousel. Now, my dreams are slowly becoming a reality.�

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