January 21, 2021

A Monumental Life Moment - Ammy

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse


ORIGIN: Philippines

LOCATION: North Carolina

DEPLOYMENT DATE: January 18, 2021

"I joined the Health Carousel-PassportUSA Achieve Program in Dec 2016. The application process was very smooth and straightforward. With high hopes and spurred on by great enthusiasm, signing up with Health Carousel was a monumental event in my life as I got my foot in the door for my American Dream. Just like the other candidates before me, each journey is unique. My gratitude goes to my advisors who were relentless in chasing me, just to ensure that I complied timely and accordingly with all paperwork. I got to appreciate that I complied with all the documents to avoid cramming and it tremendously helped me alleviate my anxieties during the embassy interview. Miss Liza assisted and guided me thoroughly and did her best to put me at ease in every step of the process leading up to the interview and deployment even it would mean bothering her after office hours and weekends. I truly felt valued. My American dream journey is a life-changing and character-building experience. It has taught me many lessons in life and has turned me into a person that I would have never become if I had not trusted the process and cultivated the attitude of perseverance. Hard work and perseverance in prayers eventually pay off. My message to my fellow nurses who are aspiring to become USRN, pursue your dream. It is a long road ahead but take one step at a time. Achieving the American dream does not happen overnight. Stay focused on your goal. Life will throw you a curveball but remember that great things come to those who persevere. There is no such thing as a promised land where our wishes come true with the snap of a finger. With Health Carousel as your partner in your American Dream, relax and do your part as you are in good hands. Thank you, Health Carousel. More power and deployment to come!"

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