July 2, 2019

So Much Regard - Helen

"I have worked as a professional nurse for 18 years, since 1995. I started in a district hospital in a small town in the Philippines. In 2007 I worked in Saudi Arabia and was assigned to the neuroscience medical-surgical ward and I catered to brain and spine cases, mostly post-surgical cases.With the experience I had, and the privilege to complete the Transition to Practice Program that ATI offered, I can say it does add to my self-confidence to work in the US setting. They had almost everything that I think I need to regenerate my nursing skills, and it was so refreshing.I had my first encounter with the ATI training center back in 2006-2007 when I prepared for my NCLEX. I passed NCLEX with flying colors at 75 questions.Now, for my transition to Practice Program, ATI did it again, I'm really pleased that this training was conducted by this institution. I have so much regard with this team of nursing educators. It was another journey of brain storming, critical thinking, and decision making that made me rebuild my confidence in my nursing practice. Especially the real-life case scenarios. It was real I must say.For the ATI team I can't thank you enough for all the guidance and support you have given me, especially to my coach Alison.PROFESSION:�Registered NurseCANDIDATE NAME: Helen

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