October 26, 2016

The Best Decision I've Made - Marra #WelcomeWednesday

"Achieving my dream of working in the US was not an easy journey. I started processing my application in 2010 with another agency. I waited 2 years but they were not able to process my application. A friend who signed up with Health Carousel suggested that I look for another agency that would be sincere and honest in processing my application. Following that advice, I made an appointment with the Vice President of Health Carousel Philippines. She explained the process, its pros and cons and other things that were not clear to me when I started my application. It made me decide to eventually join Health Carousel. It is the best decision I’ve made.After a year, I was able to take the NPTE and pass it. The way they handled my application was very efficient. They are also honest and regularly send updates regarding the status of my application. I also know that they have exhausted all possible resources for me to have a visa and work in the US. That is the reason I stayed with them. I also believe that everything will be given to me in the right time. Though, I waited for almost 3 years, I never lost hope with Health Carousel. I love how frank and honest they are and how they follow rules strictly. They will not give you false hope.Now, I have a visa and am going to Washington to work. I’m so happy and thankful. It may have taking me longer in my US application, but I know that now is my time. Thank you, Health Carousel."PROFESSION: Physical TherapistCANDIDATE NAME: MarraLOCATION: WashingtonDEPLOYMENT DATE: October 12, 2016

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