May 25, 2016

The Very Best Part: Being Together with my Family - Jacquilyn #WelcomeWednesday

"When I was abandoned by my US employer, I also lost hope of my American dream. But after I received an email from Ms. Ehmie Santiago and Mr. Evans Clements that my petition could be recaptured, my desire to come to the US rekindled. I found PassportUSA through them and I was assisted by Ms. Erica Abe. I work with processing associates Ms. Liza Marie Graza and Mr. Karlo of Health Carousel Philippines to get all my requirements done appropriately and in time. They were both hardworking, consistent, professional and patient to all my queries and requests. I never met them in person nor visited the office; I just feel that every process was smooth and I feel right with the company through them. I trust Health Carousel and follow all the instructions that are given. I should say, Karlo and Liza are very compassionate and experts on what they do. I'm blessed that I had them as my partners to this journey.I am impressed with Health Carousel's great communication process. I found the information is always consistent whoever is delivering it to me. Keep it up!From the HCL Philippines' vice president-Nyra Colinares, HCL US VP for operations Katie Glaser, down to all the staff that I have come across were all hardworking with my application. Thank you so much. With the expert people and right employer, immigrating to USA is never difficult.I also want to mention the patience and hardwork of Mr. Ruben Artiga who is now my point of contact in USA. My family's transition to Harlingen was really smooth with his help.Thank you Health Carousel/PassportUSA for making my dreams happen, that is to work as a US licensed nurse with the very best part-being together with my family. God bless you all and more power!"PROFESSION: Registered Nurse CANDIDATE NAME: Jacquilyn LOCATION: Texas DEPLOYMENT DATE: May 23,2016

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