March 2, 2017

Do BSN Nurses from Abroad Have an Advantage in the U.S. Market?

According to the Institute of Medicine, 80 percent of U.S. nurses will need a BSN by 2020 (currently less than half have a bachelor's degree). Furthermore, the amount of U.S. nurses with a doctorate will need to double (approaching 20 percent). The rationale is that nurses will be the best suited to fill major staffing gaps in U.S. healthcare.In the meantime, the country braces for what's being called a "silver tsunami." Most of the country's nursing population are nearing retirement, and according to numerous reports, there won't be enough nurses to replace them. It's why we're already experiencing a nursing shortage.The Affordable Care Act has increased the number of patients being treated in hospitals and other healthcare facilities and nurses must adapt to stay abreast with expansion. That means better training and stricter requirements.“As nurses take on greater responsibility, and as the needs of healthcare organizations continue to grow more complex, the skills and training requirements of nurses must be prepared to match this growth,” says Betty Nelson, Ph.D., RN, and academic dean for University of Phoenix School of Nursing in the article.Nelson thinks nurses will play a vital role in the future; the shortage of physicians will demand more skilled nurses with advanced education. The following is a list of attributes the article states will be most desired by employers looking for nurses:

  • Additional degrees or seeking an advanced degree
  • In-demand skills such as bilingualism, leadership and critical thinking
  • Flexibility and professionalism
  • The desire to grow into advanced practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • Specialized training for working with various populations
  • An openness to diverse opportunities in a number of different facilities

And while the strategy is sound, it's a long-term outlook that accomplishes little right now. Hospitals need access to quality nurses immediately. Foreign-trained nurses are proving to be an excellent stopgap.

Countries like the Philippines graduate BSN nurses eager to come to the United States to fill gaps in the U.S.' bachelor's of nursing-starved market.

And that goes a long way when considering solutions for the nursing shortage.According to a recent article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, employers are in search of nurses who can take on more responsibility and wear multiple hats. Afterall, nurses aren't the only shortage experienced in healthcare. There's a shortage in physicians and therapists as well. Consequently, healthcare employers are targeting nurses with specific attributes and skill sets to help bridge the gap.The benefits of international staffing are numerous, far beyond the education. PassportUSA, a program of Health Carousel, specializes in recruiting foreign nurses and therapists to the United States for contract-to-hire assignments. To illustrate the effectiveness of these nurses, the company keeps a live, real-time feedback of data provided by hospital administration that oversaw these foreign nurses.According to the feedback, the bedside manner of these international professionals is remarkable.


PassportUSA goes to great lengths to receive real, accurate feedback. See how high their foreign candidates score in multiple categories by clicking here. Results are acquired by surveying the direct supervisor of each international healthcare professional the company has on assignment every six months.

Read more feedback on international staffing solutions here.If you've been tasked with fixing your own institution's nursing shortage, consider international staffing to fill prolonged staffing gaps. Click the button below for more information on how immigration may be the most immediate, most cost-effective solution to the nursing shortage today.

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