April 3, 2019

"You can be the next USRN." - Jolly Ann, USRN

Hello, I am Jolly Muñoz, I joined HCPI last February 2018 and I was then working. At first, I only planned to attend their posted interview with the employer but then suddenly I got an e-mail from them so I responded and they called me explaining very well their program and sponsorship. And so I applied to their NCLEX sponsorship and they granted it to me. I took my NCLEX last March 5, 2019, under their sponsorship and was able to process my NCLEX without too much worry about finances. The program also provided me a good source of review material which also helped during my review and during my exam.NCLEX was not easy for me because I was working and at the same time I need to review for the NCLEX and that was very tiring and needed to sacrifice some things. During my exam, I consumed the 6 hours and ended at number 190 and thought that I fail the exam but GOD is truly amazing and I PASSED the exam and now a USRN. I cannot be a USRN without the help of Ma’aam Kristine Cruz my program adviser who was very dedicated, patient and very easy to approach with regards to explaining and updating about the program I belong. And also IPASS team who are also dedicated and consistent in updating and processing my NCLEX. For all the tips and words of wisdom, I awe you (ma'am Kristine and Health Carousel team, IPASS team) a lot. Your team has a big part in my #AmericanDream. And to all aspiring nurses like me, hold on to your dream and just trust God and His will for you. You can be the next USRN.

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