March 30, 2016

A Company You Can Trust - Edbel #WelcomeWednesday

A big thanks to PassportUSA / Health Carousel! That was the first words that came out to my mind when I learned that I will be leaving this March 2016. I thought it will took me again a decade before I will realize my dream in working to US. But, I was wrong because they work fast, really fast. Kudos to their hardworking, trustworthy, approachable and kind staff. In return with their service, I encouraged my colleagues to join PassportUSA / Health Carousel Family because they are a company you can trust your dream in moving to US.Special shout out to all those people who helped / assisted me to finally get that Immigrant visa that I have been longing for. Thank you so much Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Jeanne, Ms. Roda, Ms. Kim and Ms. Nyra, you’ve been a very great help to us RN’s from day 1 ‘til the day we finally say hello to USA.God Bless Health Carousel! More Power!PROFESSION: Registered Nurse CANDIDATE NAME: Edbel LOCATION: Texas DEPLOYMENT DATE: March 30, 2016

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