September 15, 2015

Connecticut Nursing Shortage Leaves Thousands of Positions Open

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor (DOL), there are currently 1,700 open nursing positions in Connecticut. For context, that's more than the next two job categories combined of available positions for software developers and retail cashiers.The DOL data does not include personal care aides, nursing assistants and other ancillary workers in the health services industry, according to Alexander Soule of the Connecticut PostSoule spoke with Mary Jane Williams, chair of government relations for the Connecticut Nursing Association, who expressed growing concern about the state's nursing situation:

“I find that ... frightening as a nurse and a consumer of health care,” said Williams. “Nurses everywhere … rank staffing as their biggest issue in hospital settings.”

Williams also reportedly told state legislators last spring that a 2007 legislative mandate for hospitals to set up committees to monitor nursing staff levels has been largely ineffective because of nurses being unable to spare the extra time to participate after completing 12-hour shifts.

The Connecticut nursing shortage isn't ending anytime soon.

Hospital admin need long-term interim solutions until we start producing more nurses to meet demand because the cost of nursing turnover can be extraordinary. Travel nursing works, but it's not only expensive, it's just a short-term fix.International staffing is an approach rapidly growing in popularity. PassportUSA, a program of Health Carousel, specializes in recruiting foreign-educated nurses and placing them where they're needed most.Ever consider international staffing? Here's the quick scoop: all international nurses arrive with a BSN. They must pass rigorous English language exams like TOEFL or IELTS. Their bedside manner is incredible, and most encouraging, PassportUSA has an 86 percent full-time conversion rate.If you need nurses ,consider all of your options. Because the cost of nursing turnover is extraordinarily high. Click the button below to read more on just how much nursing turnover is costing hospitals.

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