August 21, 2020

AAIHR Urges Congress to Recapture Unused Visas Amid COVID-19

PassportUSA is a founding member of The American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) and has recently issued a press release regarding the need to recapture unused visas during the COVID-19 crisis.

In summary:

  • The AAIHR on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, called for Congress to recapture old and unused visas for international healthcare workers.
  • There are an estimated 4.5 million unused visas for qualified international healthcare workers whose immigration has been halted amid a visa retrogression.
  • Congress last did this in 2005 when it set aside 50,000 unused visas for nurses and other clinicians. Today, there are as many as 15,000 foreign nurses who have otherwise cleared every legal hurdle, including licensure and language proficiency exams, but cannot completely get green card processing.
  • Even before the first COVID-19 infection last year, the United States was dangerously low on nurses. Now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country must find a way to grow its clinician base quickly.

"COVID-19 is the most significant public health crisis in a generation, and now more than ever we need nurses," Shari Costantini, R.N., the president of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment, said. "There are thousands of qualified international nurses who could come to America tomorrow but have been blocked by a bureaucratic doorman. Congress can and must lift this visa retrogression."

About AAIHRThe American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment is the unified voice of the international healthcare recruitment industry. For more than 70 years, US hospitals have relied on qualified foreign-educated health workers to meet ballooning needs for care. The AAIHR advocates on behalf of these skilled clinicians and their patients.

AAIHR members, including PassportUSA, are working hard in Washington, D.C. and are determined to find ways to bring more qualified international nurses to the U.S.

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