March 27, 2021

Recent DAISY Nominations

A big congratulations to our latest DAISY nominees for their valiant effort and dedication to nursing: Abby and Alex!

PassportUSA RN Abby, was nominated for the DAISY award for providing quality service to her patients:

"I would like to nominate Abby for the DAISY award. I think she is exceptionally positive and bright and she has done well with me a few times. I really like her optimism and she made me safe and that she really cared about me. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and we need more nurses like her. Thank you, Abby, for the warm turkey sandwiches that you made for me. The small kindness goes a very long way."

PassportUSA RN Alex, was nominated for the DAISY award for taking great care during his patient's stay.

"I would like to share this recognition to inspire other nurses. I previously got the DAISY Award now I have another nomination. A blessed day to all of us!" -Alex
"Alex is very patient and lovable. He is very infection-cautious. I had a picc line and he was always very careful to take special care of it. He went over and beyond ways to comfort me in my time of need. He was not just a nurse, person, or friendly face - he was like family when you couldn't have family there for you. He made you feel extra - when all you felt was sick. He knew how to cheer you up and do the job he was trained to do. I would ask if he was the nurse every night and when they say yes I was so relieved and happy I was going to be cared for. Thanks Alex."

If you have any DAISY nominations or DAISY awards you receive from your facility and want to share it in the PassportUSA blog, please send it to your IES. We will blur out any confidential information.

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