October 3, 2019

DAISY Award Winner - Kim

Kim won the DAISY Award from her facility! Extraordinary service Kim! Kim specializes in telemetry and has been nominated at least three times for the award. Congratulations Kim!"I am excited to send you these photos. I was recognized and awarded as the DAISY award honoree this quarter. I am honored and will be more compassionate about what I do." -Kim"Kimberly exemplifies everything the DAISY Award represents. She is a great addition to the Telemetry Family. She truly cares for her parents. For instance, one afternoon she took the time to push one of our patients around the halls and to the window to get a change of scenery. This patient in particular had been with us for several weeks and with a grim prognosis. He didn't receive any visitors for a few days and Kim noticed that he looked sad. After she wheeled him through the halls greeting nurses and techs, he had a huge smile on his face and Kim did too. This truly displays her huge heart. She is compassionate and she advocates for her patients even when met with resistance. She's always willing to help without expecting a pat on the back. So, Kim, thank you on behalf of the Tele Family. You are appreciated!"

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