April 8, 2014

Paul -PT

From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: April 2014Occupation: Physical TherapistDestination: ILTestimonial: Nowadays it’s really difficult to trust just anybody or any institution without doubts in the back of your mind. When my wife told me about “Health carousel,” I searched the internet and reading about what they offer for each candidate made it hard for me to believe that a company would be generous enough to provide this help. At first, it made me think that these promises were too good to be true. But a co-worker of mine testified about how reliable this company is as his sister has been a successful candidate of Health Carousel. That was my deciding motivation to sign with Health Carousel.From the beginning, I have seen how organized and straightforward this company is. Everything is laid out in the contract – detailing both Health Carousel’s part and the candidate’s part. As to Health Carousel’s part in fulfilling their promises, I can truly say that they live up to their promises and what other candidates before me have already attested. From the beginning and up until the end of the process, they are right there beside you to help you out and respond to every question you might have. They have outstanding staff that are all hardworking and efficient, ensuring that everything is in order. I would like to particularly thank Ms. Julie, Ms. Rhoda, and Ms. Cheryl for the support that they have provided in making the process simpler for me. When the time came for the NPTE review, Ma’am Nyra and Ms. Marianne were there to give a regular dose of encouragement. Health Carousel took care of all the arrangements regarding my examination, from airfare to my accommodation when I successfully took it in Los Angeles, CA.Looking back, I am very grateful and feel very fortunate that God led me to this company and these people that helped me achieve the American Dream. Thank you very much Health Carousel for giving me the chance to further my career in the United States of America. I considered the whole process of going to America as a Journey in an ocean of vast uncertainties. I can confidently say that going through the process with Health Carousel on my side, has been fast, efficient, and worry free. If you are reading this and are presently looking for a reliable career partner to help you get to the USA, look no further. This company will surely help you get there soonest. Thank you, Health Carousel, my sincerest appreciation and gratitude.

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