August 31, 2016

My Dream Was Rekindled - Rolando #WelcomeWednesday

“I thought passing all the Nursing exams would make my US dream a reality right away, however issues with retrogression have always been the reason given out by my previous Agency every time I asked for an update. I was blind to the progress of my US application because applicants were never given access to follow up directly on the status except through them.After ten years I have sidetracked this dream, so as not to disappoint myself. I worked somewhere and even became comfortable with my career status.It is a blessing that I was abandoned by my previous employer and endorsed to a new handling agency -Health Carousel. At first, I was doubtful but when I realized that the staffs were consistent and diligent in pursuing my application, my dream was rekindled. I am even updated during every step of the way and made aware of the progress of my application.Health Carousel has fast tracked my US application process in less than two years. I appreciate the patience of Miss Liza, Miss Glenda, Miss Roda Mae, Miss Nyra, Miss Valerie, and finally by Mr. Mark Cunanan for their tireless efforts in reminding me of the overwhelming requirements which were finally met through their guidance. You guys are instruments that made my dream become a reality. BIG THANKS to Health Carousel/PassportUSA Team!With this, I am very much grateful that finally, together with my family, we are now immigrating to USA to start a new life. May God bless all of you and HC!"PROFESSION: Registered Nurse CANDIDATE NAME: Rolando LOCATION: Iowa DEPLOYMENT DATE: August 24, 2016

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