February 26, 2019

PassportUSA Educational Videos

 Did you know PassportUSA offers a collection of informative videos - just like this one? These videos address important topics, like preparing for the NCLEX as well as the English language proficiency exams, IELTS and TOEFL. The videos can be accessed from anywhere, and can help you improve English Language communication, as well as provide information on speaking and other skill-building resources available to our PassportUSA healthcare professionals. Now that the U.S. is to be your new home, learning about the diversity of the various cultures of the people you will meet will help you to better understand the patients you will serve. There are even some easy tutorials on how to fill out those confusing forms. You know, the ones you receive when you first arrive here? Whether it’s getting feedback on your essay, or taking a practice test on Road to IELTS…Would you like to see a video? Reach out to your PassportUSA advisor to access all of our available videos.Be sure to check out more great articles in the Employee Education Center to help you succeed in your new life in the USA!These great resources are an invaluable benefit of the PassportUSA program. If you are not contracted with us and are interested in joining PassportUSA, apply with us today!

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