May 27, 2014

Erma -RN

From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: May 2014Occupation: Registered NurseDestination: TXTestimonial: Being a graduate of 2004 and deciding to work in US was never easy. It included joining a company who  stopped because of retrogression and recession, leaving hopeful nurses abandoned.I learned about Health Carousel through social media and after deciding to join the company, my American dream started to take its form again. I am very thankful to the Health Carousel group but I know a simple thank you is not enough.This success would never have been possible without the people who helped make this dream into reality. I would like to thank Ms. Je-Ann, who is very efficient in handling the documents needed to work as a USRN. She is my angel” and would makes sure you comply with what is necessary in achieving your goal. Ms. Roda for providing clear instructions in regards with the pre-deployment requirements. Ma’am Nyra for helping me make a firm decision on my nursing career. And of course Ma’am Connie for all the mental preparations she does to the candidates before they face the crucial points of this process.ErmaThank you and God Bless. More Power to Health Carousel.

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