April 12, 2017

How Nurses Can Extend Their IELTS Expiration by Three Years

Foreign-trained nurses have a long list of things they must take care of in order to start a new life and career in the United States. Among the most difficult steps are passing the NCLEX U.S. licensure exam and the IELTS English language examination.The NCLEX is a once-and-done test meaning it does not expire and you never have to take it again. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for IELTS. IELTS results ordinarily expire for U.S. visa purposes in just two years. But there's a loophole.The problem with IELTS expiring is that your EB-3 visa issuance is likely to be held up due to U.S. visa retrogression. The existing wait time for an EB-3 visa from the time of filing until the priority date becomes current will oftentimes exceed two years -- resulting in expired IELTS scores and the inability to qualify for visa issuance.

The IELTS Expiration Loophole

But there is a way to extend the life of your IELTS results. Just complete the entire VisaScreen process right after passing IELTS. Here's how it works: the VisaScreen satisfies the United States Federal screening requirements for issuance of a visa and is valid for five years. The VisaScreen issuance in effect overrides the two-year lifetime of IELTS alone, buying you an additional three years to have your U.S. EB-3 visa issued -- in effect riding out retrogression. In summary. the smartest thing you can do after receiving a passing IELTS score is to get a VisaScreen certificate. A full explanation of the VisaScreen process is available on the CGFNS website.https://healthcarousel-1.wistia.com/medias/hii3hi22wd?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640Want more great advice on IELTS? Be sure to register with PassportUSA!

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