November 28, 2018

Featured in Local Newspaper - Soraya, Bryan Jeff

Soraya and Bryan Jeff were featured in their local newspaper! They celebrated their first Thanksgiving in the U.S. this year.The Sun Journal stated, "Although the American holiday isn’t celebrated in the Philippines, Soraya and Bryan Jeff are familiar with the theme. The Philippines has both national and regional festivals that are all about blessings and giving thanks. (Though unlike America’s Thanksgiving Day, those celebrations last between one week and one month.)The nursing home doesn’t close for Thanksgiving, so most of the [facility]'s new Filipino nurses will be working on the holiday. But they’re OK with that.Their jobs are part of what they’re grateful for.""My family, my friends, good health … I’m thankful to God for all the opportunities, challenges and triumphs. And of course, the opportunity of achieving our American dream courtesy of the leadership of [facility]. There’s a lot to be thankful for. We just have to reflect on those on Thanksgiving... Again, we are very thankful to [facility] for selecting us.” -Bryan Jeff

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