November 22, 2021

First Day In The USA - Your U.S. Arrival Support

Congratulations to Karen, RN, who recently celebrated her first day in the USA and is beginning the next chapter of her American Dream!

Karen was greeted at the airport in Maine by her Arrival Coordinator and International Employee Supervisor, Nick. The Arrival Coordinator assists in several activities, including but not limited to: opening a bank account, completing a drug screen and other credentialing items, picking up transportation (if applicable), applying for a Social Security number, completing new hire paperwork, reviewing policies and procedures, setting up apartment viewings, completing a mini-driving orientation, grocery shopping, driving by the client facility, exploring your new community, etc.! In some cases, our Arrival Coordinator will also introduce you to other local PassportUSA RNs who work and live in the area.

Nick was very kind and helpful! Overall, my arrival experience was fantastic! - Karen
Karen has arrived to Maine!

Did you know we have several teams dedicated to your success in America? 

When you arrive to the United States it is safe to assume you will be full of different emotions; excitement, relief, anxiety and perhaps a little apprehension. That is why we have several internal teams dedicated to your success in America. Our Arrival Coordinators, International Deployment Associates (IDA) & International Employee Associates (IES) are committed to making your transition into the U.S. as seamless as possible.

Before your departure, the IDAs review your arrival instructions during your Pre-Deployment Orientation to assure you’re aware of what the arrival process entails. Your IES also conducts a pre-arrival phone call to ensure you understand your arrival instructions and answer any questions you may have. Once you’ve landed, one of our experienced Arrival Coordinators will be at the airport to greet and assist you as you get acclimated to life in the U.S.

Once you’ve arrived and begin to settle into your new home, our IES team completes multiple check-ins during your first few weeks and bi-weekly check-ins through orientation and quarterly check-ins thereafter. Our IES team is dedicated to your success as a healthcare professional and is your advocate throughout your assignment with PassportUSA.

Upon arrival, you will receive a PassportUSA swag bag and a free smartphone! The swag bag features a PassportUSA branded t-shirt, popsocket, and more!
U.S. Arrival Support The PassportUSA Way
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