October 14, 2019

What Is Float Nursing?

One of the best aspects of being a nurse is that every shift is not the same. Nurses work in different settings and specialties and here in the U.S., nurses may have the opportunity to float.

What is a Float Nurse?

A float nurse is a nurse that works between different units. The float pool consists of nurses who are clinically competent in working in various units to supplement any short staffing in areas. Floating is a common practice in U.S. healthcare facilities.Your whole shift could be floating or floating for part of it. For example, you could spend the shift working between 3 units: Med-Surg, ICU, and ER, or you may spend half of the shift in only Med-Surg and then float between the three units during the other half of the shift, etc. Your schedule, the amount of units, and the specific units you will work in will vary depending on the facility's staffing needs.You may, from time to time, be assigned to other Clients, locations, units or shifts during your assignment as Health Carousel deems necessary.

Float Nursing Enhances Your Skills

The facility will train you properly so you will be familiar with the units' proper protocols in order to provide the best patient care. In turn, you will become more flexible with your schedule, learn how to be more efficient with time management, tasks, record keeping, and think fast while being a team player. There's never a dull moment when you are floating!

How To Be A Successful Float Nurse

It is important to always provide outstanding care to patients for their health and safety. Listen to the patients, follow the protocols, prioritize your tasks, and don't be afraid to delegate tasks to the appropriate people so you can stay on track with your schedule. If you have extra time, offer help to your coworkers. Being resilient with a can-do attitude will motivate you throughout the shift. Be sure to ask questions if you don't understand something and seek feedback from your manager so you can be proactive in learning to hone your skills. Lastly, always remain professional with a positive attitude to patients and coworkers, because it will make the shift go by more smoothly.Feel free to reach out to your most current assigned PassportUSA representative if you have any questions.Be sure to check out more great articles in the�Employee Education Center�to help you succeed in your new life in the USA!If you are not contracted with us and are interested in joining PassportUSA, register with us today!

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