January 27, 2017

Free NCLEX Review Offered to Aspire Program Nurses

How are you preparing for NCLEX?How much can you afford for NCLEX review?

We're proud to announce that entrants into our Aspire Program will be able to study for NCLEX anywhere and it won't cost them anything. All of this is owing to our newly announced relationship with a leader in mobile app and online NCLEX review -- NCLEX RN Mastery.ABOUT NCLEX RN Mastery: With more than 1 million users NCLEX RN Mastery is the #1 NCLEX prep app worldwide. Not convince yet? NCLEX RN Mastery has twice been named mobile app of the year.Further, even Aspire program nurses who don't have a good mobile phone plan or a smart phone can use NCLEX RN Mastery online at app.nclexmastery.com. Plus you can use both the mobile app and the website and all of your progress syncs between the devices. They've got all of the bases covered and that sounds pretty awesome to us!

With PassportUSA's Aspire Program and NCLEX RN Mastery you can get free NCLEX review anywhere - even on the beach!

Remember, this is only available to nurses who have entered into our Aspire Program which is open to nurses in the Philippines who have recently graduated from a top nursing program or scored high on the PRC nursing board. If this sounds like you, then click the button below to register with us today!

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