April 29, 2015

Gary - RN

From:Â PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: APRILÂ 2015Occupation:Â RNDestination:Â TXTestimonial:Â I was first introduced to PassportUSA / Health Carousel last May 2014 by my previous agency. Upon initial interview with Erica Abe, I learned that the offer was good enough and fair, thus I accepted and signed the contract.After submitting all the requirements, I later realized that the process of my application had been so fast. By January of this year, my packet 4 arrived.Few days after I got my Immigrant Visa, I got deployed to Texas. It is indeed true that PassportUSA / Health Carousel is the fastest way to the US.Now that I am leaving tomorrow, I do worry about my new job assignment, dealing with new culture and new environment. With these major changes going on in my life in relation to my migration, I do hope PassportUSA / Health Carousel will be always be there to assist and guide me as I struggle to adapt myself with this major changes I will be undergoing.

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