December 9, 2015

Good Luck and God Bless: #WelcomeWednesday by Emilia

Applying as a Registered Nurse to the United States is not an easy process, you will experience ups and down like the retrogression and abandonment from previous employer. Alas! After 8 years of waiting, the American dream was made possible, with the help of PassportUSA / Health Carousel. They captured my old priority date and guided me throughout the process. My thanks go to all the staff, special mention to Ma’am, Connie and Ma’am Kimberly for guiding and assisting me.To all who are going to the United States, good luck and God bless to all of us. May God continue to bless and guide us as we continue our journey.To all aspirants, keep dreaming and complete all the requirements. PassportUSA / Health Carousel is here to help and provide support to fulfill your dream. Thank you.From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: December 2015Occupation: Registered NurseDestination: Texas

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