December 24, 2015

<i>Passport<i/>USA: A Great Year Comes to an End

It's been a great year at PassportUSA and there are many reasons to be thankful. First, we'd like to acknowledge all of our foreign-trained working nurses, therapists and laboratory professionals. You did everything you needed to do to ensure your place in America and now you're enjoying the fruits of your labor. Congratulations on achieving your American dream.We're thankful because despite visa retrogression, our office has diligently continued processing candidates, while helping candidates affected by retrogression continue to prep. We wrote helpful articles offering advice and hosted retrogression webinars, all in an effort to show you that we will not abandon you. If you want to come here and are willing to work for it, we'll stand by you.We're very thankful to have launched two new programs this year. We launched a new IELTS and NCLEX prep course, which helps aspiring healthcare professionals like you prepare for exams that must be passed to work in America.The national nursing shortage isn't ending any time soon. If you're a nurse, medical technologist, occupational or physical therapist, you are needed in the United States. PassportUSA is the largest international recruiter of healthcare professionals and can make your American dream an American reality.From all of us at the PassportUSA office, happy holidays. And if you're determined to celebrate the holidays in America next year, click the button below and learn how you can get from wherever you are to the United States.

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