March 13, 2019

How PassportUSA Can Help Nurses Who Have Been Abandoned by Their Visa Sponsor

At PassportUSA, our team strives to help nurses around the world achieve their #AmericanDream. Unfortunately for many nurses, circumstances may take a turn for the worse at no fault of their own, sometimes leaving them without the aid of their U.S. Visa sponsor.Nurses in this situation, especially those who are suffering due to the actions of others, often feel abandoned, or that their hopes of living and working in the United States have been dashed. In reality, there is not a negative stigma attached to nurses who have been abandoned by their visa sponsor. At PassportUSA, we understand that your dream of working as a nurse in the U.S. is still alive, despite the disappearance or lack of communication from your visa sponsor. What's more, our team can help you accomplish your original goal by transferring your visa sponsorship to PassportUSA.

How do I know if I've been abandoned by my visa sponsor?

During the U.S. financial crisis of 2008, some visa sponsorship companies discontinued operations. For the nurses they sponsored who had not yet moved to the U.S., communication was essentially cut off, and their professional future became largely unknown.The simplest way to tell if you've been abandoned by your visa sponsor is to think back to your last successful correspondence with the company. How long ago was the communication? Months? Years? Do you still have a timeline that you've been adhering to with the plan ultimately to place you at a medical facility in the U.S.? Or is your future unclear with no way to get answers? If this sounds like your situation, you may have been abandoned by your visa sponsor.

How PassportUSA can help you achieve your #AmericanDream

At PassportUSA, we realize that this turn of events may have you feeling hurt by the entire process of working with a visa sponsorship company. What's important to realize, however, is that the abandonment is not your fault. If you still have the desire to work in the U.S., that ambition can still very well become a reality.If you believe you have been abandoned by your visa sponsor—we can also help determine this matter for you if you are unsure—PassportUSA can help by filing an I-140 visa transfer on your behalf. If approved, PassportUSA would become your visa sponsor. From that point on, our team would work tirelessly to help you achieve your dream of moving to the United States. We've helped countless foreign-trained nurses move to the U.S. to live, work, and thrive in their new home.

How do I begin the process?

The first step in reigniting your pursuit for the #AmericanDream is contacting a team member at PassportUSA. We can help determine if you indeed have been abandoned, and if so, help you to begin the I-140 transfer process. If another company did indeed sponsor your visa filing, you may actually be able to get to the U.S. even faster, because in most cases the original filing date still holds.We understand that you've been hurt by the actions of another visa sponsor or company in the past at absolutely no fault of your own. PassportUSA wants to help you not only move on from this unfortunate circumstance, but also make your #AmericanDream a reality.

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