October 18, 2019

How To Handle Angry Patients

You have likely come across unhappy patients during your career so far. They may be in pain, lost their independence, or they feel stressed out and anxious to get out of the hospital. Thus, the patients tend to lash out at the next person they see or talk to, and it may be you.Here are useful tips on how to deal with angry patients:

  • Remain calm and professional - Pay attention to your body language. If you have your arms crossed or your hands on your hips, you may give off the impression of being frustrated too. Keep your arms straight at your sides and look them in the eye while you speak and listen to them. Take deep breaths yourself and focus on your job to take care of the patient.
  • Comfort them with the utmost respect - Do they need some water or an extra blanket? Ask them some open-ended questions to find out the main concern that is affecting their mood right now.
  • Be empathetic - Listen to what they are saying, and validate their feelings. "I understand you are uncomfortable right now, Ms. Smith. I am here to help you get healthier. This task is what I need to do for you right now in order to help you."
  • Set boundaries - It is important to set some boundaries so they do not take advantage of you and it gives them some time to diffuse their anger. Check in on them when you're supposed to but keep a safe distance from the patients so they can have their personal space. Do not give in to the patients' unreasonable demands.
  • Avoid arguing - Don't take it to heart if there is verbal abuse. Pause before you speak and don't make defensive remarks.
  • Document complaints - You should document complaints you get from the patient as how your employer would write it, as accurately as possible, and you should inform your facility supervisor about the complaints during that shift.
  • Realize that even though the patient may still be angry after you leave the room, you are doing your best to keep the patient healthy and you are keeping your composure as a calm and caring healthcare professional.

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