September 21, 2016

RESEARCH PAPER & VIDEO: Internationally-Trained RNs Can Transform Patient Care

(DOWNLOAD the research study and WATCH an explanation by PassportUSA's Chief Nursing Officer)ABSTRACT: Few things jeopardize the patient experience more than a nursing shortage. Now more than ever, hospitals demand proven long-term staffing solutions that improve patient outcomes. The use of international nurses is an increasingly popular option as it satisfies these demands. Still the value and clinical abilities of international nurses remain a mystery to many.Using 10-plus years of international nurse performance reviews, the brand new PassportUSA white paper will illustrate how international RNs:

  • seamlessly integrate with facility practice and protocol
  • communicate effectively with staff and physicians
  • support efforts to achieve Magnet status
  • possess equivalent or better clinical skills of their U.S. peers.

There's too much misinformation surrounding international nurses. What about some actual data behind their efficiency instead of one-off anecdotes? If you're ready to discover what really is an optimal long-term staffing solution, complete the form below and get your copy of the white paper.



PassportUSA Chief Nursing Officer Earl Dalton hosted a white paper-based webinar aimed at educating U.S. healthcare facility administrators on the value of international nurses. It was an informative 30 minutes that featured some great questions and answers at the end.


Earl Dalton is the Chief Nursing Officer of PassportUSA/Health Carousel. Earl brings over 20 years of acute hospital experience to the team. He was recently published in Customer Care News for innovation in customer experience back in 2015.  As a testament to his leadership, Dalton was invited to speak to a national audience at the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses on “Innovative transformational leadership” back in October of 2012.[caption id="attachment_340065" align="alignright" width="300"]

Earl Dalton, CNO Health Carousel / PassportUSA

Earl Dalton, CNO Health Carousel / PassportUSA[/caption]Prior to Health Carousel, Dalton worked for Tri-Health Systems, a 320-bed acute care facility, as the Director of Emergency Services where he won a Lantern Award for exceptional practice and innovation in an emergency department setting.

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