December 9, 2013

Jay Galeon - RN

From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: December 2013Occupation: RNDestination: TexasTestimonial: "I never imagined that I would realize my great American dream. Health Carousel became the channel of God’s blessing by helping me find one of the best nursing employers/ clients across the United States. Although a lot of nurse applicants together with their families experienced a great trial when recession hit America in terms of a longer waiting time, Health Carousel made it possible for me and my family to finally make it to U.S.A. Just like my case, when my 2 previous employers decided to cease supporting our immigration and terminated our contract, Health Carousel took me under its wings and with their expertise and reputation, they quickly facilitated my papers just in time for our NVC priority date became current.For a short while I thought my dream would end there, but now I can confidently say that I am on the final step towards reaching my goal that is to become an extension of God’s healing hands not only to my native Filipino people but also to the greatest country around the world, U.S. Health Carousel provided me the best privilege to grow professionally and gave my wife and children the best life. I am forever grateful to Health Carousel for the opportunity they gave me to work and live in the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America. Thanks to Ms. Sherry Neil who referred me to Health Carousel, Ma’am Katie Glaser and to the ever-patient and kind Ms. Erica Abe and all the owners, heads and staff in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Of course, thanks to Health Carousel Philippines, Ma’am Connie Dela Cruz for her guidance and support and Ms. Julie Ann Chentes and the staff for their accommodation. God bless the people of Health Carousel who hold and practice the greatest ideals of professionalism and service. May you help many more nurses realize their great American dream! Again, thank you Health Carousel."

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