August 4, 2015

July 2015 PT Employee of the Month - Allyssa D.!

Employee:Allyssa D.From: PhilippinesNumber of Years with PPUSA: 1Occupation: RNLocation: IDAllyssa is a home health physical therapist! Her current assignment is in Idaho, but she is helping out in Oregon for 3 weeks to support another facility. She currently works with geriatric patients and has been working for PPUSA since October 2014.When we asked Allyssa what she considered to be her favorite part of working for PPUSA, she stated:“Without PassportUSA, I would not be working here in US. The job is important for me because it enables me to help my family back in the Philippines. It also enables me to go to places I never thought I would be able to go to. Immersing myself into a different culture... working with people whose language is different from yours. In short, my favorite part about working with PassportUSA is it paved the way to not only my professional growth but also personal growth... and to me, growth is necessary to make the most out of our lives. When you are allowing yourself to grow, you are doing a good job in loving yourself ----- Thank you PassportUSA for making it happen.”We would also like to take the time to again congratulate our runners-up for the month of June: Rhea L., Jomar C., Asis P., & Alona D.You each did an outstanding job and please keep up the good work!! I hope to see you on my list of nominees again soon!For the rest of you--- be sure to get in on this by sending in your submissions and referrals. We do accept self- referrals as well! DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!!

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