November 8, 2019

June 2017 Nurse #EmployeeOfTheMonth - Hyundai

This month, we have two Registered Nurse Employee of the Month winners. We are proud to announce that one of the winners of June 2017's Employee of the Month contest is Hyundai K! Congrats to Hyundai as he will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook page and website! He will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights and a gift!Biography:Hyundai was born in Suwon City, South Korea. He has been with PassportUSA for less than 6 months. Currently, he is assigned to a facility in New Mexico, and works as a nurse in the Emergency Department.

When we asked Hyundai what he considered to be his favorite part of working for PassportUSA, he stated:�Here in my work place, there are other ER nurses from PassportUSA. We share information and hang out together in our free time. My hospital administration also has a good relationship with PassportUSA, therefore I am happy to work with other staff. They are always welcoming us. I really like to work with PassportUSA and be able to stay in one hospital for a pretty long time. �I do not like to move several places to work. I can stay here for 3 years, and I do not need to spend my time getting used to work and being in a new place. I am really happy to be with PassportUSA. I appreciate your hard work."

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