September 30, 2014


From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival:September 2014Occupation: Registered NurseDestination: ARTestimonial: In God’s perfect time – This has been one of my mantras in this journey called life. The path that I traveled by was full of ups and downs since I decided to apply for the US in 2004. My application was filed twice by my previous employer and in the long run I was abandoned. It is for this reason, that I sought the help of Health Carousel last year, 2013. From then on, the Management and staff of Health Carousel US Office with its strong collaboration with the Manila Office - specifically Ma’am Connie, Ma’am Nyra, Ms. Cherryl, Ms. Je-Ann, Ms. Roda Mae had been so systematic and professional in the whole application process from the very first time that I expressed my intention to apply then recapturing of my Priority Date until deployment.  Now I am at my final deployment stage to the US and will soon join other nurses and continue my passion to care.Indeed, Health Carousel touched the lives of many healthcare professionals and their families as well… and I am sincerely grateful to be one of them. God bless and more power to the whole Health Carousel family!

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