August 24, 2012

Legal Immigration of Healthcare Professionals Helps American Patients

Washington, DC, July 4, 2012 – Despite media and special interest reports to the contrary, certain healthcare occupations, such as physical AND occupational therapy face chronic and expanding shortages of qualified US workers. Recent workforce studies suggest that shortages of PTs currently exist in many states across the nation and that these shortages will increase over the next 2 decades. In addition to a nationwide shortage, there is mal-distribution of the workforce leading to potential compromises in available care.In response, member organizations in the American Association of International Healthcare recruiters (AAIHR) are going offshore to find qualified personnel for their client healthcare organizations. Recruiting healthcare workers internationally is both challenging and costly. Credentialing, licensing, immigration, and employment of foreign-trained healthcare professionals in the United States is highly regulated, and includes a variety of safeguards for patients, the employee, the employer and US workers. “Our first preference is always to hire US workers. We are American companies first” said Michael Le Monier, President of the AAIHR.In addition to compliance with US law and regulation, AAIHR members recognize the vital importance of ethical practices in international recruitment. AAIHR recently updated its Code of Ethics to address dynamic conditions in the market including for the first time ethical responsibilities for the foreign born healthcare professional.The newly revised Code of Ethics is available on the association website at For more information please contact Michael Le Monier, President of the AAIHR at (847) 341-1942 or via email at


AAIHR was formed in 2007 to provide a unified voice for the international healthcare recruitment industry and to advocate for ethical, socially responsible international recruitment of foreign-trained healthcare professionals for U.S. shortage occupations. AAIHR’s member organizations consist of third party recruiters and staffing organizations, immigration attorneys, as well as many of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. The vast majority of international recruitment of healthcare professionals is for shortage occupations in the United States, some of which can be severe in certain parts of the country. To learn more about the work of AAIHR, please visit the association’s website at

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