May 8, 2013


New U.S. Arrival - Mark


  1. Philippines

U.S. Arrival

  1. Â May 2013


  1. PT


  1. U.S.


  1. “Opportunity knocks rarely” and I truly believe this quote. That’s why when Health Carousel Inc. offered me the position last 2011, I immediately accepted it without hesitation. I was working in Middle East and devoting time for study, accomplishing requirements, and working was really a daunting task. With sheer determination and guidance from God, I was able to accomplish everything in a year span. Health Carousel guided me throughout all these processes and made sure that I was always on track. For a decade I dreamed on working in US soil and in few hours while writing this will be “The Flight of My Dream”. Thank you Health Carousel. Continue on fulfilling more dreams. God Speed.
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