January 12, 2018

Massachusetts Patient Assignment Limits: Be Prepared

Currently the issue of Patient Assignment Limits is vying for a spot on 2018 Massachusetts ballots. Here's the skinny . . .PROS:

  • Several studies have proven a link between increased staffing levels and patient outcomes
  • Nurses who are already feeling stressed may find this a blessing


  • It's easier said than done with a growing nursing shortage
  • May limit the ability of nurses to float to units most needed
  • Small to medium sized facilities will likely be the hardest hit

WILL IT HAPPEN?The answer is a probable yes. Sooner or later. Why? The national movement is towards higher nursing standards all-around -- everywhere. Consider the ANA's movement towards required Bachelor's degrees for nurses -- and New York state's recent movement to support this issue. Then, there are more states adopting Mandatory Overtime Bans such as was signed into effect in Massachusetts in 2012. Ohio may be next to ban Mandatory Overtime with pending legislation under review.ARE YOU PREPARED?So, the real question is not if this most recent proposal will come to fruition, but if your facility will be prepared for whatever is mandated at a state or federal level that impacts nurse staffing. Something is going to happen that will affect your nurse staffing, if not through legislation, then by the natural order of things. Consider the countless nurses who have delayed retirement just long enough to recoup their retirement savings losses from the recent recession. They'll finally retire over the next 2-4 years years.Be prepared!U.S. HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS: If you are looking for a cost-effective, temp-to-perm nurse staffing solution, please connect with our Business Development Team.

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