October 22, 2018

Reality: NCLEX Never Expires

The PassportUSA team receives numerous inquiries daily about expiring NCLEX results. Here's an example of the kinds of questions PassportUSA fields every day that appeared on AllNurses.com:

My friend told me that you have to practice in the United States within a year of passing the NCLEX exam or it will be considered void. Is this true?I know the VisaScreen certificate expires in 5 years and IELTS results expires in 2 years. Do NCLEX results expire?

What most aspiring nurses don’t realize is that your NCLEX results do not expire. And you don’t have to practice in the US within a year of passing the NCLEX exam.There are other important documents that do expire. Your English proficiency test has a shelf life and expires. Your VisaScreen will ultimately expire. But your NCLEX results? Those don’t expire.If you took NCLEX through a state that requires a social security number (SSN) to obtain a license and still have not been able to get an active US RN License, this is sufficient, and again, your NCLEX results do not expire.Nurses may have to activate their nursing license in the state they practice upon arrival to the USA or endorse their NCLEX result to a state that does not require a SSN to obtain an active US RN License, but that doesn’t mean you have to take the NCLEX again. So spare yourself the stress of worrying about another deadline. Your NCLEX score does not expire.Did you know there are tricks to extending the life of some of the aforementioned documents that do expire? Click the button below to learn how you can extend the life of your IELTS results by three years.

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