October 25, 2018

New Hampshire Gov. Has Plan To Fix Shortage Of Nurses

Concord — Gov. Chris Sununu will request a $24 million capital investment into the state’s nursing education programs if re-elected, he announced on Tuesday, pledging “the most robust investment ever” into fixing a persistent nursing shortage. The proposal, set to be included in the governor’s budget request if he’s re-elected, would use one-time expenditures to attempt to revive programs that have been dropped in recent years after flagging demand and resources.The New Hampshire health care industry has been ravaged by nursing workforce shortages in recent years — chiefly in lower paying, lower certified positions — as graduates chase higher salary opportunities out of state. Nursing homes have faced particular challenges; with fewer resources and lower salaries, they’re increasingly passed over by students gravitating to better-paying hospital positions.

Presently, 1,309 openings exist for registered nurses, or RNs, across the state, according to the Department of Employment Security.

“We’re focusing on our nurses . . . exactly what our needs are,” Sununu said. “Will we see the results tomorrow? No, we won’t. But two, three, five, 10 years down the road — this is what you have to plan for.”

  • Will this plan come to fruition? Funding sources are not so clear and then there is the re-election to secure.
  • Further, can your healthcare organization afford to wait 3-5 years for any meaningful impact on the shortage?

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