January 14, 2015

Noemi - RN

From:Â PhilippinesU.S. Arrival:Â January 2015Occupation:Â RNDestination:Â TXTestimonial:Â When I learned about my abandonment of my previous employer, I felt so disappointed that my dreams of working in the USA would never come true. That was until one day when somebody referred me to Health Carousel and PassportUSA. I felt so glad and overwhelmed that my application would be in good hands. Processing of my papers went in so smoothly and systematically. It took only a few months and my papers were processed after the completion of my documents. Now, my dream of working in a foreign land will come true. I would like to thank Health Carousel and PassportUSA for making me a part of this program and also for their unending support. Wishing this company more blessings.

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