February 13, 2019

November 2015 Allied #EmployeeOfTheMonth - Ayenne & Venus

We are hereby proud to announce, that we have 2 winners for November's 2015's Allied Employee of The Month contest � Venus and Ayenne! Congrats to these two as they will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website. They will also receive a certificate for this month, bragging rights and a gift.Ayenne:�Ayenne, born in Zambales, Philippines, is a Medical Technologist who has been with PassportUSA for a year. She works in a hospital-based tertiary laboratory and her area of care is microbiology and point-of-care sections. Currently Ayenne is assigned to the west Texas area.When we asked Ayenne what she considered to be her favorite part of working for PassportUSA, she stated:

When I was asked in February 2015 that question, I said that All of the staff are very supportive of our needs, they never fail to remind and communicate with us. When I started my process in the Philippines I already felt the professionalism and the care, moreover when I am actually in the USA. When I encountered some unavoidable circumstances like delayed flight and now my operation I felt the support and care from my PassportUSA family. I will continue to share this experience to my friends and I am pretty sure they are now also looking forward to be part of PassportUSA.Now I am asked the same question, I would still say the same words and would like to add that all PassportUSA staff are awesome. They have shown individualized support and dedication to provide responses and resolution to all my queries and needs as an employee. They never get tired of reminding us which for me is always a good sign that they really cared about us, about our welfare as their employee. To PassportUSA, I thank you for everything and I always appreciate your efforts in showing us that you value us as well. I am honored and grateful.

Venus: Venus is a physical therapist in the west Texas area. She has been with PassportUSA for almost a year and a half. She specializes in geriatric and orthopedic care. She was born in Bauang, La Union, Philippines.When we asked Venus what she considered to be her favorite part of working for PassportUSA, she stated:

Making a start is never easy. Beginning a career, whatever it may be, is tough . . . much more when in a strange place. This was one of my worries before finally deciding to work as PT away from home. But alongside PassportUSA, the rigorous completion of requirements and processing was made uncomplicated by its efficient and professional team members both in the Philippines and USA. I am one of the countless employees who is privileged to work here in the US, practicing my profession and enhancing my skills through a diverse patient care practice. PassportUSA is also true to its words regarding the transition of family members, the team walked me through the process of bringing my son with me. And with God's grace, my son is now with me for seven months; us being together gives me peace of mind and focus more on my job. Another big thing is the application of permanent visa, which the team handled effortlessly. These and many more reasons, I am and will be forever grateful to Health Carousel Philippines and PassportUSA for their marvelous ways of getting me to where I am. In giving back, I will conscientiously do my job as long as I am under your umbrella to uphold the company's name. Big thank you!
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