April 17, 2020

Noel: Committed to Nursing Excellence

PassportUSA nurse Noel is currently working in Iowa and he received multiple focused recognitions from his manager and peers for his team engagement and personalized care! Great work, Noel! Keep up the amazing service.But that's not all we have to share about Noel! He has multiple certifications (OCCN, CMSRN, PCCN), and it shows just how dedicated he is to providing quality care and enhancing his nursing skills. Thank you, Noel!

"I want to commend Noel for his hand off on 4G with bedside report. He did an excellent job managing the next steps. Thank you Noel!"

"Thank you so much Noel for helping me with vitals!"

"Noel, you do great teamwork for 3G. You are always helping when we need it. Thanks!"

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