November 8, 2019

October 2016 Allied #EmployeeOfTheMonth - Christopher

We are hereby proud to announce another winner of October's 2016's Allied Employee of The Month contest: Christopher L.!! Congrats to Christopher�as he will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website! He will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights and a gift!Biography:Chris is a Home Health Physical Therapist who specializes in Geriatrics. Chris was nominated this month for going above and beyond for our client this month, and attributing to their success by doubling his expected weekly productivity and did it with a smile on his face J. Chris has been with PassportUSA for three years!! He was born in Manila, Philippines. Currently he is assigned to southeastern New Mexico.When we asked Christopher what he considered to be his favorite part of working for PPUSA, he stated:

It's been 3 years now working with Health Carousel and I can't thank them enough for the wonderful opportunity they gave me. I'm a Home Health PT rendering skilled services to geriatric patients. PPUSA has been really hands on with their candidates, sending emails to remind us of various things we need to accomplish, I may not be the best in being on time but they never waiver on being patient with me, and thank you for that.� PPUSA staff including payroll is quick and reliable, they would certainly answer any question just shoot them an email and they'll respond as soon as they can. They sure don't take their candidates for granted and will certainly give the best advice! Thank you for this awesome experience with you guys! Kudos to PPUSA! 😁

Employee:�ChristopherFrom:�PhilippinesTime Working for PassportUSA: 3 YearsOccupation: Physical�TherapistLocation: New Mexico

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