August 21, 2020

OET Not Currently Accepted For US Visa Processing

Some of you may have already heard about the latest Occupational English Test (OET) news.

What is the OET?

The OET is an alternative English language test for healthcare professionals. It assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to practice their profession in an English-speaking environment.Their official page states, "Doctors and nurses applying for positions in the United States can now validate their English language proficiency with OET, the world's only international English language test specifically for healthcare professionals."However, the OET is NOT valid for U.S. visa processing and immigration. It is currently accepted in only two U.S. states and does NOT mention that it will be accepted for your Visa Credentials Assessment (VisaScreen� Certificate) which is required for healthcare professionals who are seeking an occupational visa to work in the United States. This will be required at your embassy interview for your green card visa approval.We support the aim of the OET exam and applaud their success with various U.S. state boards of nursing. We hope that more states will follow suit and that this will ultimately lead to acceptance for the VisaScreen Certificate.

Do I still need to take and pass IELTS?

Yes. You will still need to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) unless you are exempt due to English based professional education. This test measures the language proficiency of people who want to work where English is used as a language of communication. A valid, passing IELTS academic score (7 in speaking and 6.5 overall) is required in order to get your visa screening with the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).For more information about the requirements to obtain your VisaScreen� Certificate and satisfy the United States Federal screening requirements, click here.

How the PassportUSA IELTS Academy is Here to Help You

We encourage candidates to sign up with PassportUSA before taking IELTS because we will assist with test preparation. We are already in place to offer our candidates access to IELTS materials and personalized feedback through phone, Skype video chat, and email. We also do all of our scheduling, placement, and predictive tests online so candidates can easily set those up at times that work conveniently for them.The best feature of the PassportUSA IELTS Academy is that it is and always has been 100% online 24/7. Our online learning approach gives us reach that would not be possible in any traditional educational setting and we are happy to report that we are able to maintain 100% service delivery levels during these unprecedented times.

If you have any questions about IELTS testing, please contact your assigned PassportUSA representative.

We are working with our candidates and encourage continued studying for the IELTS. When you are ready to take the IELTS, we will help you find the nearest available test center.We are currently hiring registered nurses! If you're a registered nurse who is not being guided to your dream of the USA by PassportUSA, simply apply with us today and we'll help get your journey to the USA underway!

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