July 27, 2018

1,000 Dreams, Making Countless Lives Better

On July 24, 2018 PassportUSA met the milestone of 1,000 healthcare professionals on assignment at client healthcare organizations across the USA. This milestone cements PassportUSA as the largest U.S. staffing agency focused on the placement of international healthcare talent within U.S. healthcare organizations."Our leadership is excited to reach this milestone after 14 years in operation," stated Bill DeVille, CEO of Health Carousel, the parent company of PassportUSA.However we are not focused on 1,000. What excites us is that this milestone means we are succeeding in our Corporate Purpose,� continued DeVille. Our purpose is to improve lives and make healthcare work better. I can only imagine how many lives PassportUSA and its staff of more than 1,000 healthcare professionals have improved in the course of reaching the 1,000 milestone. There's the working international healthcare professional and their families that realized their American Dreams by immigrating to the USA. Following that comes the healthcare organizations and their staffs that have benefited from the assistance of the PassportUSA professionals. But most important of all are the patients they care for, many of whom would not have received the same quality of care if not for a PassportUSA healthcare professional at their side. We truly are celebrating 1,000 Dreams, Making Countless Lives Better.�It took almost 14 years of hard work, determination, resourcefulness, and grit to surpass the significant milestone of 1,000 working FTEs,� commented Ty Nelson, President of Health Carousel. This achievement is something few staffing brands have reached, and a huge thanks goes out to our village� that made this happen including Health Carousel Philippines, the recruiters, finance, marketing, sales, legal, credentialing, and our leadership team including Katie Glaser, VP at PassportUSA. We are proud to be changing the lives of patients and healthcare professionals every day in our quest to make healthcare work better. Bravo!"Katie Glaser, VP of International Operations for PassportUSA, was also asked to comment on the milestone event. "We could not have met this goal without a great team. Our colleagues at Health Carousel Philippines have done so much to make us successful and they work hard every day in support of our operations. Here in the USA I am blessed with a team that is equally as committed to helping secure great opportunities for our international healthcare professionals as they move their families and lives across oceans in search of opportunity."What's next? PassportUSA continues to grow rapidly and hundreds more internationally trained nurses, therapists, and medical technologists are scheduled to begin their U.S. assignments before the close of 2018. Perhaps it won't be long before 2,000 is on the horizon.

About PassportUSA

PassportUSA by Health Carousel is the leading provider of internationally trained nurses, physical therapists, and medical technologists to United States healthcare organizations. Our temp-to-perm workforce solution is more cost-effective and flexible than traditional contract labor options. Our experienced international healthcare professionals are U.S. licensed, work-authorized, and ready to aid our client healthcare organizations and their patients from their first day of work in the United States. Simply put, PassportUSA connects healthcare institutions with exceptional global talent.

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