August 17, 2016

PassportUSA to Shoulder VisaScreen Expenses

PassportUSA announced today an unprecedented move to assist nurses in achieving their #AmericanDream.

Starting July 1 and continuing until December 31, 2016 PassportUSA will cover the costs of VisaScreen applications for qualified candidates.

This is valued at $540 USD or approximately 25,000 PHP.Nurses seeking to have the cost of their VisaScreen covered by PassportUSA must:

  1. Be currently working as a nurse (volunteer or paid);
  2. Passed the NCLEX examination;
  3. Have a passing IELTS exam score that is not expired; and
  4. Selected PassportUSA as their agency partner.

Nurses from across the globe are invited to participate.*

When asked why they are covering the cost of a VisaScreen, PassportUSA's VP of International Operations, Katie Glaser commented: "It is abundantly clear that nurses are hesitant to sit for the IELTS examination. We have decided to immediately reimburse for IELTS exam fees AND cover the costs of the VisaScreen upfront in order to encourage our candidates to rise up to the IELTS challenge and pass the exam." **"Along with financial incentives we also offer great IELTS test prep resources. There simply is no reason why hundreds of Filipino RNs working with PassportUSA, who already have great English language skills, cannot prepare for or afford to take the IELTS and receive passing band scores before the end of the year. Then we'll be there to pay for their VisaScreen and U.S. visa filing;" continued Mrs. Glaser.If you are already registered with PassportUSA or Health Carousel Philippines please contact our offices for details. If you are not yet registered with PassportUSA please sign up by clicking the button below and more information will be emailed to you.* Nurses from India which are sadly not being included due to the extremely retrogressed EB-3 visa.** IELTS Exam Fee Repayment promotion ends December 31, 2016.** VisaScreen Advance Payment promotion ends December 31, 2016.

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