October 5, 2015

Patient Demand Rockets in Wake of Indiana Nursing Shortage

Indiana Nursing Shortage is Worsening

The Hoosier State needs nurses. In a policy report listed on the Indiana Center for Nursing’s website, researchers quoted in the policy report project “a shortfall of RN’s developing around 2018 and growing to about 260,000 by 2025.” Like virtually everywhere else, the state is bracing for a "silver tsunami," or a windfall of retiring nurses in the near future."There is a nursing shortage,” says Chief Nursing Officer Lee Ann Blue to WISHTV's Teresa Mackin. “There are nurses retiring, and there are growth opportunities not only here in hospitals, but out in outpatient settings as well. There’s a shortage now, and there’s projected shortage, so it’s a great career to be in.”It may be a great career, but with staffing levels this poor, worsening work conditions are leading to nurse burnout on a massive scale. And burnout from a demographic that issues roughly 90 percent of the world's healthcare is dangerous. Consider the following from the above article:

Nurses have long reported that their work conditions are not conducive to providing patient-centered care that is safe and of high quality. The relationship between nurses’ working conditions and patient safety was recognized by the IOM report Keeping Patients Safe: Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses. Indeed, researchers have suggested that the work environment and staffing levels for nurses affect both nurse burnout—which is characterized by feeling extremely overextended and depleted of one’s emotional and physical resources in response to chronic job stressors—and job satisfaction, and are also associated with patients’ satisfaction with care.

That's a major problem, especially in states seeing an uptick in patients. Stats from the hospital mentioned in the article show the number of inpatient visits grew three percent in 2014; the number of births there grew 11 percent.If nurses aren't increasing at a similar rate, how are hospitals handling this demand?There's no relief in sight to end the nursing shortage. Many hospital CNO's and other administration are turning to less traditional methods of staffing to fill gaps. The demand for travel nursing has soared to a 20-year high, but travel nursing is unfortunately a short-term fix, and a pricey one.International staffing is increasing in popularity as more administration discover how useful and cost-effective foreign-trained professionals really are. But regardless of what route they choose, the time to act is now. Because not only are patients negatively impacted by the lack of nurses, but nursing turnover is costing facilities thousands. Click the button below to quickly learn just how much nursing turnover is costing the average facility.

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