February 16, 2016

Planning for PassportUSA Interview: What You Should Know

Every day at PassportUSA, we're working with hundreds of people like yourself who dream of working and living in the United States. In an effort to ensure you know what to expect, we wanted to talk about the interview with us, so that you know what's going on and can better prepare for what really is an easy interview.Use phone, Skype or Viber for your interview. There are several options at your disposal to have your interview. A landline phone is most preferable; however, you can definitely use Skype, or a new service like Viber that's becoming more popular. Note that if you do use Skype or Viber, you do not have to use video chat. Many candidates often think they need time to prepare for their PPUSA interview by getting dressed up in formal attire, but the reality is, you could have this conversation in sweatpants!Viber is a newer service. On a desktop computer, Viber allows you to send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users, on any device and network, in any country. It's just another free service that allows you to communicate with us.So whether it's phone, Skype, or Viber, you can have your interview with PPUSA very easily.Have your documentation ready. This makes the conversation a lot easier. If you have documentation from a previous sponsor, including your priority date, have this on-hand for your interview. It makes the interview even easier when all the necessary information is accessible.Know your motivation, give us your experience. Is living and working in America really right for you? Even if you're still unsure, our international recruiters can talk it out with you and answer any questions you have. But don't shy from your dream. You know why you decided to contact PassportUSA, let your international recruiters know.This means not only being able to discuss your motivation, but the experience you have that makes you such a great candidate. More than anything else, your experience will determine your chances of landing a role in the United States. Write everything down and be able to discuss it with your international recruiter!Plan for Just 20 Minutes. Interviews with the PassportUSA recruitment team do not demand your entire evening. You don't need to block an hour or two off to have this discussion. Most interviews take just 20 minutes!Relax. This is informal. This isn't an embassy interview so no need to treat it like one. Think of this as a chat. We want to get to know you. We want you to get to know us. Some candidates feel nervous or timid when first speaking with us, but don't worry! Our international recruiters are easy going and easy to talk to.

After the Interview:

Check your email, especially the spam folder. This is so important. After your interview with us, things are in motion. You need to remain in constant contact with us for when your opportunity to come to the United States arises. Too many times, we'll finish an interview and then lose touch with a great candidate due to a lack of communication.Don't lose your place in line. After an interview, always be checking your e-mail, especially the spam folder, to ensure you haven't missed an important message from your international recruiter!You can sign and return your contract even without TOEFL/IELTS. To be clear: you will definitely need a passing TOEFL/IELTs score; however, you don't have to delay the process until you get it. You can secure your place in line by returning a signed contract and then focus on achieving the necessary English exam scores.In closing, don't be stressed by the PassportUSA interview. We promise, this is the easy part. Follow this simple advice and ensure your journey to America goes seamlessly. And for more information on our entire international recruitment process, click the big red button below!

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