October 18, 2017

Professional and Persistent - Camille

"My dream of working in the US started a decade ago, and just like most of us, I was also abandoned by my previous employer. This led me to try my luck in New Zealand where I worked as an RN for almost 5 years. New Zealand is a country gifted with wonderful people, diverse culture, and magnificent scenery. My dream of going to the US took a back seat and was neglected for a while; however, circumstances in life led me to pursue this neglected goal.Facebook introduced me to Health Carousel and honestly, for a nurse working abroad, complying with the requirements was double the effort because the resources needed were not readily available. There were times that I got too stubborn and questioned their system, but my processing associates were very professional and persistent. They never gave up on reminding me and providing me with assistance and various alternatives to meet what the immigration, visa center, and nursing council demands. I know that my being stubborn and picky must have taxed their patience somehow, so that is why I really appreciate the efforts and dedication of Karen, Roda, and Ela. You girls are amazing and I cannot ask for anything more."PROFESSION: Registered NurseCANDIDATE NAME:Â CamilleDEPLOYMENT DATE:Â October 16, 2017

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