July 24, 2019

I am ready to be a Nurse in the US - Imelda, RN

I've learned new knowledge thru this course Health Carousel get me into. And the beauty of the said new knowledge is it presents, teaches and encourages to implement evidenced-based research. What a smart decision and professional move.Thanks again everyone for all of your lessons, suggestions, and materials. I will continue to use the skills and knowledge I learned from my sessions not only in my current and future hospital workplace but also in my day-to-day interactions with people outside of my work like my families and friends. I will continue to apply the confidence that was re-developed in me after taking this course, I will keep working toward a positive, effective nurse.Nonetheless, I would also like to express my deepest thanks to the coaches, Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Emily for patiently and calmly checking up on me and motivating me while I am into this course which I personally believe, boost my self-esteem and confidence being a nurse. The lesson, training, and real-life-scenario made me a globally competent nurse and I personally believe, am ready to be a nurse in the US.

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